A BLAENAVON woman has spoken of her fear after a group of men vandalised her car before throwing rocks through the front windows of her house.

Emma Gorman, who lives on Curwood in the town, said that she had just gone to bed at around 9pm on Tuesday, November 17, when she heard a noise from outside.

"I’d only left the living room 20 minutes earlier," she said.

"I thought it was a supermarket delivery driver, it was so loud.


"It was only when the windows went through that I knew what it was."

Security camera footage of the event shows one man jumping onto the bonnet of Ms Gorman's car before smashing the windscreen with his foot.

Another uses an implement to slash the tyres of the car.

A rock is then thrown through the window of the house.

Ms Gorman said that her next door neighbour saw the group coming up the street, but thought "there was nothing in it".

The neighbour chased the men away after the windows had been smashed.

Ms Gorman says that she managed to keep four of the rocks for evidence.

"My children are unaware, I’ve hidden the car for their safety," she said.

"I’ve told the police I feel in danger.

"Police have been fantastic since we put the video up."

Ms Gorman said that the kindness she had received on social media following the incident had been "unbelievable".

"It’s very scary at the moment, it’s affecting my mental health," she said.

In a statement, Gwent Police said: "We received a call at approximately 9pm on November 17, reporting that a property and Vauxhall Astra had been damaged on Curwood, Blaenavon.

"Two windows at the property were smashed, as well as three windows of the car, and a tyre slashed.

"It was reported that a red Vauxhall Astra was seen leaving the area following the incident.

"Officers are investigating and supporting the victim, and ask that any witnesses or anyone with information relating to the incident is asked to call 101 quoting 2000419349."