WITH many peoples' thoughts turning to how they can spend Christmas with their loved ones this year, Wales' health minister Vaughan Gething has reiterated the need to limit contact with others as much as possible.

Speaking in a press conference this afternoon, Mr Gething said keeping the number of people you have contact with low remains the best way to limit the spread of coronavirus.

Indoor mixing is the area of Welsh Governments ‘greatest concern’, he said when speaking of plans for allowing people to meet during the festive period.

“The fewer people you have in your home, the better, and actually if you can avoid going into someone else’s home, the better as well,” said Mr Gething.


Mr Gething mentioned that he has not been in his mother’s house since March.

“I’d love to see my mum and go inside her house this Christmas, but I want to see my mum on her birthday when it comes up again next year and I want to see her on my birthday, my son’s birthday and I want to see her next Christmas too,” he added.

“So, some of our challenges are about thinking about what we need to do in a very different way this year to make sure we can still celebrate future life events with our loved ones”.