A Cwmbran woman and her neighbour have decided to Brighten Up Christmas and spread some magic in their community after a particularly traumatic year.

Sian-Elise Cook, who lives in the St Andrew's area of the town, and her neighbour Nicola Day have created a mini grotto outside their homes not only for the locals to enjoy but also to remember Nicola's son Logan, who was born in August with Potters Syndrome and survived for only 35 minutes.

Potters Syndrome is a lack of kidneys.

Ms Cook said: "This year has been such an awful year for everyone and for many reasons, so spreading some Christmas cheer is all we wanted to do and we really hope we accomplished it. We have also created this mini grotto in memory of Logan, a special baby boy. Unfortunately he was too special to stay on the earth with us and passed away August this year.

"We kindly received donations from other neighbours to go towards the decorations and selection boxes we have also bought for Santa to give out in a few weeks time to help put a smile on the local children's faces."




"It's a demanding job anyway; the pandemic has just made it a bit more so"


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"By doing this grotto we have helped to light up so many faces of the area both children and adults. A lot of them have come to have a look and get in the Christmas spirit."

Ms Cook said: "Nicola found out at 20 weeks that there was little fluid around the baby, and had to go to Nevill Hall Hospital in Abergavenny and then to Bristol which confirmed all the same. She chose to carry on with the pregnancy as giving up was no option.

"She had regular scans at Nevill Hall under consultant care. It was decided at 37 weeks that she was going to be induced and on August 19 at 1.44pm baby Logan was born. He then peacefully died 35 minutes later laying on his mum's chest."

One local firm, TSM Logistics, donated a real Christmas tree for the display and Ms Cook and her neighbour have also managed to find a snow machine to help make it that little bit more magical for the children.

She said: "We have also handed out jingle bells ready to gather around on Christmas Eve, when we will be ready to ring them for Santa Claus."