A DELIVERY driver has twice been on the receiving end of what he believes are gang-coordinated thefts in Newport.

The driver, who has asked not to be identified, has had a number of packages stolen from his van on two separate occasions while trying to make deliveries in the Pill area of the city.

First on November 19 and again on November 23, the driver says a group of young men stole the packages from his van.

South Wales Argus:

The first incident occurred between Commercial Road and Francis Drive.

He said that he saw a group of around eight teenagers acting suspiciously and decided to park in an area visible to passers by.

"Upon returning to the vehicle, I noticed that the window on the back of the van were smashed," he said. "Furthermore, inside, there were other boxes that were ripped."


He said boxes were also scattered on the floor at the back of the van.

The incident was reported to the police who said in a statement: "If you were in the area at the time and could help police, call 101 quoting 2000421857, or direct message Gwent police on Facebook or Twitter.

"You can also call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111."

Four days later, the driver was in the area again to deliver parcels.

After the previous incident, he stopped at Alma Close to ensure his doors were locked properly.

"I was considering whether to deliver at the next stop," he said, describing how the event had affected his anxiety.

"When I got in the car, I was surrounded by a group of young people.

"Two of them prevented me from closing the door to the van, and the others opened the door from the driver's side (that led to the goods)."

He said that he walked away from the van and shouted for help.

"I was scared," he said.

Taking pictures of the incident he noted that the incident "lasted around two to three minutes".

"They took whole bags full of packages," he said.

A Gwent Police spokeswoman said: "On November 23 it was reported that sometime between 12.30-1.30pm a delivery driver parked his van on Alma Close, Newport and someone opened the side door of the van and stole parcels from inside.

"Anyone with any information is asked to call Gwent Police on 101, quoting 2000426714, or direct message us on Facebook or Twitter. You can also call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111."