THE Argus is calling on you, our readers, to back a campaign calling for a statue to our hometown heroine Lady Rhondda.

The suffragette, real name Margaret Mackworth, is known for attempting to blow up a post box in Risca Road, Newport, as part of the campaign to give women the right to vote in the early 20th century.

Today the site is marked with a blue plaque.

Last year a campaign - named Statue for Lady Rhondda – began, raising more than £1,000 in a few weeks, and today has raised more than £34,000 of it's £100,000 goal.

South Wales Argus:

The group is raising the funds to place a statue of Lady Rhondda in Newport, as one of the most influential figures in the city’s history.

And the Argus is officially getting behind the campaign - we think it's way past time one of the most important figures in our city's history is celebrated in such a fitting manner.

Julie Nicholas, chairwoman of the Statue for Lady Rhondda campaign group, said that the idea came about because there is no memorial to the suffragette in Newport.

South Wales Argus:

The post box in Risca Road Lady Rhondda tried to blow up

“This is a campaign for a prominent Woman of Gwent, so we are very pleased that the South Wales Argus is joining in," she said.

“Journalism and editing were two of the many strings to Lady Rhondda's bow; Lady Rhondda was only nine years old when the Argus began, so she would have grown up reading it.


“I am sure she'd be delighted that her local paper is still going strong and backing the Statue for Lady Rhondda campaign."

Jayne Bryant MS, a member of the project group, said: “Thanks to the South Wales Argus for backing a statute to commemorate a Newport pioneer, Lady Rhondda.

“Understanding the role people like Lady Rhondda played not just in Newport but further afield is important. Her campaigning for equality throughout her life was almost lost to history.

“I’m pleased that things will not end at the statue. Working with the fabulous Art on the Hill, we can help ensure more people across the City know about her contribution”.

Argus editor, Gavin Thompson, said: “It’s about time Newport had a statue to commemorate a woman.

“Lady Rhondda’s achievements were as remarkable as they were varied. She was brave and bold. One of the most successful businesspeople of her age, an activist for gender equality and a newspaper editor to boot.

“She’s a wonderful role model for girls and boys growing up in Newport as to how much you can achieve. It would be fitting to have a statue of such an inspiring woman in Newport and I’m pleased to put the weight of the Argus behind it.

“I hope our readers will support it too."

South Wales Argus: