AN announcement will be made later this week on travel restrictions in Wales, the First Minister has said.

Mark Drakeford said that travel restrictions would be looked at following the end of the lockdown in England on Wednesday.

Mr Drakeford was announcing the new rules for pubs, bars and restaurants in Wales, which will see them shut by 6pm and alcohol sales banned.

He added: "The rest of the national coronavirus measures that we have in Wales will remain the same as they are today.


"There will be no changes to extended households, how many people can meet in public spaces outdoors and indoor places, or any restrictions on other businesses.

"When the English lockdown ends on Wednesday of this week, we will look again at travel restrictions in and out of Wales and will make a further announcement this week."

Currently, there are no travel restrictions within Wales, with the Welsh Government "asking everyone to think carefully about the journeys they take and the people they meet."

Welsh Government guidance says: "We should all think carefully about where we go and who we meet because the more places we go and the more people we meet, the greater the chances there are of catching coronavirus.

"In particular it is also sensible to avoid travelling to and from areas with a higher incidence rate if you can."

While travel between England and Wales is currently not allowed without a reasonable excuse due to the lockdown in England.