PEOPLE in Wales will be allowed to travel to parts of England from tomorrow.

New coronavirus regulations published by the Welsh Government allow people in Wales to travel to areas of England that are under tier one and tier two restrictions.

However, travel to areas under tier three restrictions is still prohibited.

Under the new rules, it means people in Gwent will be allowed to travel to areas such as the Forest of Dean, Herefordshire and Gloucester, but won't be allowed to travel to Bristol or South Gloucestershire.

The new regulations, which will come into force at 6pm on Friday, were announced after the cabinet met on Wednesday to decide on new travel restrictions as England's lockdown came to an end.


Previously travel between England and Wales was not allowed without a reasonable excuse due to the lockdown in England.

Travel to low level areas of Scotland will also be allowed, but not to areas of the country in level three or level four.

While travel to anywhere in Northern Ireland remains prohibited.

First minister Mark Drakeford said: "There will be no restrictions within Wales but we need to have some restrictions on travel across the border to those parts of the UK where infection rates are high to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

"We are also advising people in Wales not to travel into those parts of England and Scotland where the infection rate is lower, to help prevent them taking coronavirus with them.

"Coronavirus doesn't respect borders - we all have a part to play in keeping Wales and the UK safe.

"Please think carefully about where you are going and what you are doing. This virus thrives wherever we come together with others.

"Taken together with our other measures, these travel restrictions will help to keep us all safe."

There are no travel restrictions within Wales, with the Welsh Government "asking everyone to think carefully about the journeys they take and the people they meet."

Welsh Government guidance says: "We should all think carefully about where we go and who we meet because the more places we go and the more people we meet, the greater the chances there are of catching coronavirus.

"In particular it is also sensible to avoid travelling to and from areas with a higher incidence rate if you can."