THE first coronavirus vaccines in Gwent were administered today.

Care home staff, health workers, and people in high risk groups were in Cwmbran to receive their initial shot of the Pfizer BioNTech vaccine.

Around 300 people were given their initial jab today, as health boards across the country began rolling them out.

Jiji Joseph, a care home worker in Brynmawr, was one of the first people in Gwent to receive the vaccine.

He said it was a relief to get the vaccine, adding: “It has been frightening thinking that we might get Covid and pass it on to the residents.

“This is good, it is good for everyone.”

Plans for administering the vaccine have been in the pipeline since September, with more detail being added as more information was revealed about the specifics of the vaccine.

On arrival, patients are asked for their name and checked for coronavirus symptoms.


They are then logged in a temporary receptions in the facility before queuing for a table to become free where they can receive the vaccine.

Once their consent is given, the vaccine is administered and they are asked to remain for 15 minutes to ensure there have been no adverse impacts.

Every health board across the country will begin offering the vaccine to health and care workers, and those in high risk groups, today.

Wales has received nearly 40,000 doses of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine, which must be administered in two doses, meaning nearly 20,000 people can be vaccinated in Wales as part of the first wave.

The Welsh Government said more than 6,000 doses will be given by the end of this week.