A STREET art sculpture in Newport has been stolen shortly after being installed on a bridge in the city.

The Goldie Lookin' Cherub (Santa Edition), created by Rise Propaganda, appeared on Newport Bridge on Monday morning.

However, just two hours later, the cherub was gone, prompting a second post from the group.

Rise Propaganda, a street art movement which has become known for its impromptu Newport-related artworks, also posted instructions of locations where collectors could find smaller versions of the sculpture hidden throughout the city.


The theft of the cherub drew a surprisingly positive response from the group.

In a social media post, uploaded in response to the theft of their artwork, Rise Propaganda said: "Here's an unexpected collaboration between RISE and the talented person who crowbarred the Goldie Lookin' Cherub (Santa Edition) off Newport bridge within two hours of it being up.

"There was a bit of rage on social media, from people couldn't get there to see the piece. Personally, I'm flattered that someone got up on a cold early Sunday morning and was up close and personal with my art. I think the result is beautiful, haunting and sums up 2020 perfectly.

"Enjoy what you have while you can, as you don't know how long it will last. That is the essence of street art and life and what makes it amazing.

"Thank you mystery vandal. I am a huge fan."

The piece was designed and 3D-printed by Rise Propaganda in collaboration with Josh Cranton and Rhys D.W. of Double Giant.