PANICKED parents swarmed toy shops last nigth after First Minister Mark Drakeford announced Wales would go into lockdown at midnight.

Mr Drakeford had told the nation all non-essential shops, gyms and hospitality would close at the end of yesterday.

Within hours shoppers flocked to stores to buy last-minute gifts for their children over fears it would be their last chance before Christmas Day.

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Parent Holly Evans, from Newport, was in the queue outside Smyths in Maesglas. She said: "They have ruined Christmas. How is this going to help? People are standing together to go in the shop."

Gareth Lewis, from Ringland, said: "I am distraught as I have no presents. I was waiting to be paid before Christmas - some people here tonight will not get their presents."

Sarah Shepherd, from the Gaer in Newport, said: "They haven't given anyone in any warning. I'm waiting for my last pay before Christmas to buy gifts. There will be lots of disappointed kids this year."

Laura Evans, from Abertillery, said: "I've done my shopping and have one more child to buy for, I'm hoping to get it before the shop shuts. How do you explain to a child that Santa didn't come?"

Smyths extended its opening time in Newport last night from 8pm to 10pm to try to deal with the demand.