A STREET magician from Abertillery has turned to making magic videos during lockdown.

Ashley Morris, 22, who would usually be showing off his mysterious skills at charity events, weddings and the like across South Wales, has had to adapt during the coronavirus pandemic.

With the country in and out of lockdown, Mr Morris turned to making videos of his magic tricks to keep people entertained – something he could not do in the street now.

Mr Morris uses everyday objects in his routines – and in one of his videos turned money, with a sleight of hand, into a face mask.

“I have been doing magic since I was about nine years old,” he said.


“I was bought a magic set as a gift, been doing it ever since.

“Due to the pandemic, I haven't been able to perform at any events due to lockdown, but I've been trying to do as many videos and post them when I have free time on my Facebook page”.

Mr Morris is hoping once the country returns to some form of normality, he can go back to doing what he loves most.

He said the response he’s had from his videos has been very positive.

You can find him at @Ashleymorrismagician1 on Facebook.