THIS map of Newport reveals every crime reported to Gwent Police in November 2020. 

According to the most recent data collected from Gwent Police, there were a total of 1,762 reported crimes. 

The crime map of Newport shows every individual reported crime and the location in which it occurred during November 2020. 

The worst road with the highest rate of reported crime was Commercial Road with 23 reports. 

To find out if any crimes were reported on your road just type your address into the map below: 

According to the data from Gwent Police the crime with the highest reports was anti-social behaviour (512).

Violence and sexual offences had a staggering 503 reported cases which meant it also topped the list. 

Public order was the third highest reported crime reaching 193. 

109 reports of other theft occurred in Newport during November 2020.

Vehicle crime (117), shoplifting (84) and burglary (68) were also some of the highest reported crimes. 

Whilst theft from a person was one of the lowest reported crimes with 10. 

At the bottom of the scale was possession of weapons which received 10 reports during the month of November. 

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