THE WELSH Government will not be recommending the mixing for the two coronavirus vaccines which are currently approved for use in the UK.

In the first three weeks after the Pfizer vaccine rollout, more than 6,000 people in Gwent received their first dosage.

And on Monday, the rollout of the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine began in Wales, with an initial 22,000 doses secured.


As things stand the vaccines are being rolled out as and when they become available, with people not able to choose which jab they want to receive.

And last week, a report circulated from the New York Times suggesting the UK would allow the mixing and matching of vaccine doses - meaning someone who had a dose of one of the vaccines, they may be given the other vaccine as their second dose.

Clinical trials of mixing different types of vaccines are planned but there is no data as of yet.

However, this approach has been dismissed by the Welsh Government.

“It is recommended those receiving a COVID-19 vaccination should be given two doses of the same vaccine,” a Welsh Government spokeswoman said:

People who receive a coronavirus vaccine in Wales will have which vaccine they receive recorded on the Welsh Immunisation System, a Welsh Government spokeswoman said. They are also given a physical card with it on at the time of their vaccination.