A NEWPORT family has spoken out about the ordeal of being “trapped” in a house with mould on the walls, and leaking ceiling and damp.

Stacey Eddolls, along with her partner, and four-year-old daughter Arwen, moved into a top-floor flat in Frome Walk, Bettws, in September 2019.

South Wales Argus: Stacey Eddolls and daughter Arwen

Stacey Eddolls and daughter Arwen

But they soon found the property, managed by social housing provider Newport City Homes, inundated with damp and mould, along with a leaking ceiling.


Ms Eddolls said she had complained to Newport City Homes a number of times, but felt the organisation had failed to properly address the problems.

“There have been a few times we had workmen out to fix the leak and roof problem that’s causing the water to come into the flat, but they have taken a long time to reply and get to work to fix it,” she said.

“They have rushed the job and just patched up the problem. They scraped and treated the interior affected areas on two occasions, and then went on to do the roof after. The rain had already got in and drenched the interior walls and insulation.

South Wales Argus: The mould keeps reappearing in the flat

“I have had to move things about for the works to take place and it has been very stressful to do so as there is not a lot of room in this flat”.

When they first moved to the area in March 2019, Ms Eddolls and her family had become homeless after being evicted from their privately-rented home due to no longer being able to pay the rent after Ms Eddolls’ partner was unable to work after suffering a brain haemorrhage. At the same time, Ms Eddolls was suffering with post-natal depression.

“Where we are now in this council flat, it’s causing my mental health to deteriorate fast and anxiety to fluctuate,” she added.

“It’s making the air very stale and my four-year-old daughter is being badly affected by the sight of it all and her chest is suffering.

“It’s ruining our belongings, and just feels like we’re trapped here.

South Wales Argus: Ms Eddolls says it has taken NCH over a year to fix the roof and mold problem - and that they still fall behind on the waiting list

“It’s been too long and has had a very bad impact on my mental health and physical health being up the top of the block.

“Being trapped in through lockdown also had made it worse”.

A Newport City Homes spokesperson said: “We have been working with Ms Eddolls to make sure any damp problems in her home are resolved as quickly as possible. We have already begun repairs to address this and plan to complete this work over the coming weeks.

“We will continue to work closely with Ms Eddolls to make sure that she is happy with the work we do in her home.”