A GWENT MP has criticised Boris Johnson's lockdown bike ride, labelling it unhelpful.

Nick Thomas-Symonds, MP for Torfaen, said the prime minister "has to look at himself" and ask whether his actions had helped the situation.

Labour accused the prime minister of having double standards, after it was reported he had been spotted in the saddle at east London's Olympic Park, seven miles from his home.

Government guidance in England says daily outdoor exercise is allowed but people should not travel outside their local area.

The PM's spokesman said any suggestion he had broken the rules was "wrong".

Mr Thomas-Symonds, who is also Labour's shadow home secretary, said the UK Government should seek to make the rules around exercise clearer, following the lead of the Welsh Government.

Speaking about the prime minister's bike ride, the MP said: "I do not think that that bike ride was helpful.

"There is an issue around exercise where I think the UK government could be so much clearer in terms of the rules for England.

"Here in Wales for example the exercise has to start and finish at home and there is a very clear guidance to say as close to home as possible.

"It is not as straight forward in England and I think the Government need to look at that and make it clear.

"I also think the prime minister has to look at himself and should ask whether him doing that has assisted in setting the rules."


Mr Thomas-Symonds said similar rules in England to Wales would be "a significant improvement" on the current situation.

Appearing on BBC News the MP also praised the work of the police across the country.

He said: "We heard about the approach the police have taken during the lockdown, being engaging before moving to enforcement but it is also the case where there are people who breach the rules then enforcement should be taken.

"I back the police in doing that to ensure that we are doing all we possibly can to protect our NHS and save lives."