FOOD (and drink) lovers can get DIY ramen kits and cocktails delivered to their door.

Japanese noodle restaurant, Shoryu Ramen, has launched a DIY Shoryu Kit which includes everything budding chefs (or hungry people) need to make the signature Ganso Ramen from the comfort of home.

Each kit includes 12 hour tonkotsu soup, original ramen noodles, char siu BBQ pork belly, beni shoga red ginger, and spring onion and kikurage mushroom garnish to top the ramen.

Plus, the kit includes a step by step guide to help them recreate the Shoryu restaurant experience at home.

Shoryu will release 60 Ganso DIY Shoryu Kits twice a week to begin with a choice of a Wednesday or Friday delivery slot, each of which can be booked up to two weeks in advance. The £20 kit serves two people and can be frozen for up to one month.

A vegan option – including instructions – is also available with the kits including everything you need to make their signature White Natural vegan ramen at home.

South Wales Argus: DIY vegan dish

This inclues their unique tonyu vegan broth made with soy milk, miso, konbu & shiitake mushroom, original ramen noodles, atsuage fried tofu, spring onion, menma bamboo shoots and kikurage mushrooms.


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Gluten free options are also available, plus cocktail lovers can enjoy their favourite tipples delivered chilled in resusable pouches directly to their door.

The cocktails include the following flavours:

  • Cedroni - A smooth Japanese twist on the classic Negroni. Best served over ice in a short rock glass with a slice of freshly cut orange.
  • Dirty Lychee - A sweet, fruity and creamy cocktail with Bacardi gold rum. Best served over ice in a chilled coupette glass or chilled martini glass with fresh lemon peel.
  • Tiki Passion - A tropical cocktail with a kick of Japanese rum. Best served over ice in a tall highball glass with a fresh lime wedge.
  • Yuzu Jasmine Tea - A bright, non-alcohol iced tea bursting with citrus flavours. Best served over ice in a tall highball glass.

South Wales Argus: DIY cocktails

The DIY Shoryu kits and cocktails are available to order from for delivery in Wales, England, and parts of Scotland.