THERE'S not a lot we can do during the current lockdown - but we are allowed to get out for some exercise.

So, we are going to be bringing you some ideas of walks in the area which you can enjoy without straying too far.

These will also give you the chance to discover some interesting local places and may even give you the taste for venturing further afield once restrictions are lifted.

Welsh Government guidelines are that exercise should start and end at your door so the walks we will be featuring will be as close to people's homes as possible.


Once restrictions are lifted, we'll head further afield.

This week's walk takes in Caerleon and Chepstow Hill

This is a challenging hill walk with some steep inclines and declines, stiles and uneven paths requiring sturdy footwear.

There are fine views of surrounding hills and countryside to make the uphill sections worthwhile.

This is a 6km (3.7 miles) walk.

Start at River Bridge on Broadway Lane.

A. Take the tarmac path signposted River Bridge (note the Amphitheatre on the right) and continue along the tarmac path.

B. Go through a wooden gate and follow the tarmac path through a field passing the wood carvings.

C. Go through a wooden gate, turn left along the pavement and cross at the controlled crossing. Turn right and follow the pavement and head over the bridge.

D. After the bridge, turn left along New Road, signposted towards Christchurch.

E. After 30 metres turn left onto Lulworth Road, signposted Usk Valley Walk, and follow the road around the bend onto Isca Road. Take care here as there are no pavements.

F. At the road junction turn left and walk up Bulmore Road, signposted Usk Valley Walk. Again, take care as there are no pavements.

G. Go up five steps, through a wooden zig-zag gate and follow the path uphill alongside the fence.

H. Go through the kissing gate and keep following the path uphill. At the metal gate on the left bear right up the steps.

I. Go through the open wooden gate, head up the steps and take the right fork following the Usk Valley Walk signposts uphill through the wood.

J. Take the right fork signposted Usk Valley Walk uphill.

K. Take the left fork signposted Usk Valley Walk. Go through the gate, bear left up the grassy bank, follow the Usk Valley Walk signposts in a clockwise direction on grassy ground to the outer boundary of the golf course.

L. Bear left onto a muddy track on the left signposted Usk Valley Walk. At an opening on the left keep straight ahead on a narrow grassy footpath.

M. Cross the road and keep straight ahead to the left of the hedge following the Usk Valley Walk signposts. Note the views of the Usk Valley.

N. At the signpost turn right up a gravel then tarmac road and follow the Usk Valley Walk signposts, around Chepstow Hill in a clockwise direction.

O. Go through a large metal gate and then immediately bear left onto a tarmac path and follow the Usk Valley Walk sign. Walk between the hedges, through a wooden gate and turn right onto Catsash Road. Continue along the road passing the reservoir on the right and the golf club house on the left. Again, take care as there is no pavement.

P. Turn right at the signpost next to the kennels for Bulmore Road and Belmont Hill. Go over the stile and keep straight ahead towards the bench.

Q. At the bench turn right along the tarmac path, after 20 metres turn left at the junction following the winding tarmac path downhill through the golf course taking care of any golf balls.

R. At the fork bear right. Cross over a tarmac path and head towards the signpost ahead on the left (which is also at point L of this walk). Go through the gate following and bear right into the field. Walk through the field path through the wood.

S. At the fork turn left in direction of the yellow arrow on a green background (not the Usk Valley Walk direction) downhill, down steps and through an open wooden gate keeping straight ahead.

T. Keep following the signposts in the direction of the yellow arrows with green background along a grassy, muddy path.

U. Turn left over a wood platform (you will see a well on your left), go up the steps and over a stile on the right and head downhill along the path.

V. Go down three steps, then down another three steps onto New Road. Turn right and follow the road downhill. Take care as there is no pavement and this is on a blind bend.

W. Take the left fork, signposted towards Caerleon and use the pavement on the left side of the road.

X. Turn right at the junction, signposted Caerleon, and walk over the bridge back to the start.

Thanks to Newport City Council for sharing this walk with us. For more information go to