TV STAR David Walliams has revealed he has Welsh blood - and he has brought out his books in the ancient language of Wales.

The Britain’s Got Talent judge told Wales-born Carol Vorderman that his real name is David Williams.

Mr Walliams, 49, told how he was forced to change his Welsh-sounding surname when he joined college Equity - because there was already a member named David Williams.

Speaking on Ms Vorderman's show BBC Radio Wales, he said: "I am a quarter Welsh. My granddad was Welsh so I'm very proud of my Welsh roots.


"I've always had a great time in Wales. I filmed there for Dr Who, we toured there with Little Britain, we've been there with Britain's Got Talent and always get a fantastic welcome."

The award-winning children's author has his successful children's books translated into Welsh.

His popular novels Gangsta Granny, Mr Stink and Demon Dentist have been translated to Cyfrinach Nana Crwca, Mr Ffiaidd and Deintydd Dieflig.

Mr Walliams told how fellow BGT judge Simon Cowell also claims to have Welsh blood.

"Simon Cowell always pretends, when we do Britain's Got Talent, to be half Welsh but I think he's lying to try and ingratiate himself to the people in Cardiff.

"He goes: 'I'm actually half Welsh' and then everybody cheers and I'm like: 'You've never mentioned that before' - at least my name is Williams.

"My real name is Williams which at least sounds a bit Welsh. I had to change it to join Equity."

Mr Walliams also revealed that his favourite places in Wales are Italian-style village Portmeirion in north Wales and seaside gem Tenby in west Wales.