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A BABY clothing bank is in awe of the support they’ve received during the coronavirus pandemic.

Bundles Baby Clothing Bank and Birth Support - which is based in Community House in Maindee, Newport – offers clothes and essentials for babies and families on low incomes or in need, with referrals from health visitors, midwives, and via social media.

Each bundle also includes a teddy, knitted by members of St Julian's Baptist Church on Beaufort Road.

Bundles Baby Clothing Bank and Birth Support

Bundles Baby Clothing Bank and Birth Support

Sally-Anne Evans, of Bundles Baby Clothing Bank and Birth Support, said: “It’s been busier during the pandemic and we’ve had some lovely donations.

“Clothes are important for babies, because they grow so fast, and it’s nice to alleviate some of the pressure on people who are often in desperate times.

“Families are finding themselves on furlough, or have lost their jobs, and never thought they would find themselves in this difficult position.”

Bundles Baby Clothing Bank and Birth Support

Bundles Baby Clothing Bank and Birth Support

Bundles Birth Support has been supported by the Wales Coronavirus Resilience Fund, which Ms Evans described as 'amazing'.

“It means we can fund training for our new volunteer buddy scheme and continue to support vulnerable children, women and families,” said Ms Evans.

The Bundles Buddy scheme involves people buddying up with – often vulnerable – people, being there for them and linking them up with useful organisations.

Anyone interested in getting involved with the Bundles Buddy scheme can get in touch and start online training in preparation for when the lockdown ends - whenever that may be.

Bundles Birth Support has a huge amount of clothes currently in stock, due to donations from the public and other organisations.

A recent appeal for more donations of clothes for newborn babies (aged between zero and three months) led to a huge amount of donations in just under a week.

Bundles Baby Clothing Bank and Birth Support

Bundles Baby Clothing Bank and Birth Support

Plus, online maternity clothes shop Bunny Bumpkin closed and donated a huge amount of clothes and bits and bobs - such as dummies and bibs.

“I’d like to thank Community House for hosting us and supporting the project and to Bumpkins and the public for their donations,” added Ms Evans.

“Even during this difficult time people are so kind and their generosity is really special."

Bundles Birth Support is also involved with JoJo Mamen Bebe's From A Mother To Another (FAMTA) initiative, in which women send baby clothes they no longer need, which are sent out to people in need locally and worldwide, and in exchange they get discount on clothes from the boutique mother and baby brand.

Although lockdown has amplified people's kindness, Ms Evans also praised support they received before the pandemic, including from pupils at Ysgol Gyfun Gwent is Coed in Duffryn.

“They collected bundles for us and raised £400 which means the world," said Ms Evans.

"It’s lovely to think people are willing to be nice and support Bundles."

Anybody wanting to get in touch with Bundles Baby Clothing Bank and Birth Support can e-mail bundles.cymru@gmail.com or find them on Facebook @bundlesbirthsupport