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A COMMUNITY hub in Bargoed is helping make sure no pets go hungry during the lockdown.

The new pet food bank run by Bargoed Community Hub is intended to make sure anyone struggling to make sure their beloved companions have something to eat doesn't have to worry.


Hub manager Charlene Munday, who joined the team as a volunteer seven months before the first lockdown last year, said she hopes the believes this new provision will be vital for the community.

South Wales Argus: Charlene Munday's dog Gini

Charlene Munday's dog Gini

“This service is needed in the Valleys," she said. "I love my dog and I thought I have to do something about this.

“During a virtual chat a lady said to me ‘If I had to choose between feeding myself or the dog, I’d pick the dog’ and I thought how many people actually have to make that decision? How many people have to rehome their pet and sacrifice their family member because they can’t afford to feed them?”

South Wales Argus: Pet Food Bank Service

Pet Food Bank Service

The scheme - which also accepts donations - is being run in cooperation with the Cardiff based charity, Pet Food Bank Service, which was first set up in 2018 by Debi Emmett.

Last year saw a stark increase in the number of people relying on the service.

Last year more than 9,000 meals were handed out, and in January 2020 alone more than 1,200 meals were provided to help feed around 150 pets.

South Wales Argus: Debi Emmett of Pet Food Bank Service

Debi Emmett of Pet Food Bank Service

Ms Emmett said: “At the moment I am the only person doing this for the pets in South Wales so the more hubs I link with the more people and pets I can help.

“It’s very important to me, I would hate to think of any pets going hungry.”

For more information visit Bargoed Community Hub’s Facebook Page.