A NEWPORT writer is not letting lockdown stop her from doing something special to launch her latest book.

Sarah Hayden-Woods, from Rogerstone, quit her job in banking to become an author in 2019 and hasn’t looked back.

She has now written eight books including her latest, Bad Blood, which is written under her pseudonym of Lily Hayden.

“I’m still enjoying writing. There’s nothing better to do,” joked the 38-year-old.

“I don’t like to restrict my genre. Although I've written a lot of 'chick lit', my work is contemporary fiction about the modern world.

Bad Blood is a bit different to my other works - it’s not super dark, but it’s getting there.”


Bad Blood is about four siblings who have grown up and gone their separate ways. They lost their mother when they were young and - when their dad invites them to his wedding - the four are reunited.

The morning of the big day their father is discovered dead, with the circumstances of his demise unknown.

“It has elements of mystery and a psychological thriller,” added mother-of-four Ms Hayden-Woods.

“But it’s very much focused on the family dynamic, looking at the siblings’ individual lives and how they entwine.”

Bad Blood officially launches on Monday February 15, but Ms Hayden has created an online murder mystery game - which will be unveiled at 7pm on Sunday February 14, to celebrate.

The game, called ‘Who Killed Lily Hayden?’, is unrelated to Bad Blood, as Ms Hayden didn't want to give away and spoilers.

'Who Killed Lily Hayden?' features characters from her previous books and it is down to players to determine who is the culprit.

The game will start with an explanatory video, then take people through a series of clues to unravel the mystery.

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