A NEWPORT woman is teaching children 'it’s okay to not be okay' with her debut book.

Jodie M Greenslade has self-published her first book - called It’s OK… - which is aimed at children aged four to eight years, and aims to help them understand their feelings, touching upon the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on youngsters.

Ms Greenslade, a teaching assistant, was inspired by her children - Callie, 13, and Max, seven - to write the book, which has sold more than 100 copies in its first week.

“My daughter has anxiety and I don’t think she’s ever thought: ‘I’m not okay, but that’s okay’, and I wanted to get people to talk,” said Ms Greenslade.


It’s OK… is a starting base for conversations about feelings. Some children don’t have families that sit down and chat, so they might think it’s easier to ignore those feelings.

“Children are more resilient than we give them credit for, but adults are finding the pandemic weird, so children must be too.”

A page from Its OK... by Jodie M Greenslade

A page from It's OK... by Jodie M Greenslade

A detail from It's OK...

Ms Greenslade has two other books in progress but is unable to divulge the details of these at the moment.

Along with helping youngsters understand and express their feelings, It’s OK… encourages children to read at a crucial time for their development.

“I’ve been reading to my children since they were eight months old,” added the mother of two.

“Max is the biggest bookworm now - he reads to me at bedtime now which is lovely.

It’s OK... is focused on foundation phase children and helping them take time out to sit and read and to talk.”

It’s OK is on sale at www.jodiemgreensladeauthor.com/shop

All copies ordered before tomorrow will be signed by Ms Greenslade.

She is running a competition to win a free signed copy of It’s OK... with the winner to be chosen randomly on Saturday February 20.

To be in with a chance of winning find @jodiemgreenslade on Facebook. Then like the page, like the competition post, and tag three people who you think would benefit from a copy, on the post.