THE grieving children of a father killed by a “cowardly” drug driver who mowed him down on Christmas Day have spoken of their devastating loss.

Chloe, Leoni and Ellis Haynes made heartbreaking victim impact statements during the sentencing hearing of ex-RAF servicewoman Amber Thomas.

She was jailed following her guilty plea to causing the death by dangerous driving of Kenneth Haynes who suffered horrific injuries.

The 48-year-old father-of-four was killed near Pontnewynydd Sports and Social Club in Pontypool after being struck on December 25, 2019.


Prosecutor Timothy Evans told Cardiff Crown Court how Mr Haynes died in hospital three days later when his life support machine was turned off.

South Wales Argus:

Chloe Haynes with her adoring father Kenneth Haynes. Picture: Family photograph

Thomas, 25, of Beeches Road, Trevethin, Pontypool, was locked up for three years and eight months by Judge Michael Fitton QC.

She had been banned from driving due to a medical condition, was over the limit after smoking cannabis and speeding at 44mph in a 30mph zone.

South Wales Argus:

Amber Thomas. Picture: Facebook

Chloe Haynes’ statement said: “I was daddy’s little girl and I loved him very much.

“I can’t begin to describe the impact his death has had on me.

“I’ve had to take responsibility for sorting through all my dad’s belongings and emptying his flat.

South Wales Argus:

Leoni Haynes as a child. Picture: Family photograph

“Till this day, I still have bags of his clothes because I can’t bear to get rid of them.

“Sorting through photos of him and knowing I will never see his face again or his laugh is gut-wrenching.

“Reading cards and letters I wrote to him when I was younger brought back memories which were hard to deal with.”

South Wales Argus:

Ellis Haynes with his father. Picture: Family photograph

Addressing Thomas, the 24-year-old told her: “Being such an active man connected to machines and being so lifeless was unbearable, hearing the long list of injuries you caused was torture.

“Being at the hospital hoping he was going to pull through, praying for him to recover so I could have my daddy back was agonising.

“All this pain and heartache could have been avoided if you didn’t get in the car knowing you shouldn’t have been in it.

South Wales Argus:

Much-loved father Kenneth Haynes. Picture: Family photograph

“Experiencing all the firsts has been excruciating.

“Christmas will always be filled with pain and sadness.

“For dad’s 50th birthday, I spent it at the cemetery instead of being with him and Father’s Day will always be a reminder of what you took from me.

“My feelings have been out of control since the accident.

“At first, I felt angry, not just because he was gone, but I was angry towards the person who did this.

“What made me even angrier was that you didn’t stay and face the consequences of your actions.

“Instead, you ran away like a coward.

“It made me question what type of person you could be. I’d already drawn a conclusion that you were a coward.

“I couldn’t quite understand that someone of the same age as me could have such a lack of morals and ethics if she could easily flee the scene she had caused.

“I also felt sorry for you that you clearly weren’t brought up properly and didn’t know the difference between right and wrong if you could leave someone dying in the road.”

In her victim statement Chloe’s sister Leoni Haynes, 22, said of her father: “He was such an amazing dad.

"This will effect me for the rest of my life. It will haunt me.

“I hope that anyone you are close to or your family never has to feel the pain you have inflicted onto mine.

“You took away a life by being irresponsible and not caring about anyone but yourself when you got into that car.”

Their brother Ellis Haynes, 18, said: “It’s been hard to watch my siblings and my mum cope with the loss and not knowing what to do, say or feel.

“Now he’s gone, he won’t ever see me get married, see any grandchildren or know about how my life is.”