FIRST Minister Mark Drakeford has said people can begin to book holidays for Easter, but must do so knowing they may be cancelled should the coronavirus situation worsen.

Mr Drakeford said he hopes to reopen the tourism and hospitality industry around Easter - with the results of a review of lockdown restrictions being announced on Good Friday (April 2).

We would see a gradual reopening of the industry, the first minister said, and it is likely that self-contained accommodation would reopen first, as it did in the summer.


When asked if people can book a holiday in Wales for over the Easter period, Mr Drakeford said: "They should do it knowing the uncertain world that we are living in and there are no guarantees in this. Nobody can offer them a guarantee.

"When we reopened tourism last year, we didn't go from nothing to everything in one go.

"Our first steps were to reopen self-contained accommodation where people had all their own facilities…and that self-contained accommodation was occupied by people in your own family group.

"I hear everything that the tourism industry says to us in Wales. I want to recognise how important the Easter period is to them and I've tried to give an indication that if everything continues to improve, we will do what we can to respond to their wish to be able to resume trading again over the Easter period.

"Nobody should think for a moment that will mean a wholesale reopening of that industry, and anybody who is booking ahead needs to do so in the full knowledge that the improvements we are seeing at the moment, nobody can guarantee that things will continue in that way."