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PUPILS, staff and governors at a Newport primary school followed in the footsteps of Captain Sir Tom Moore by completing a charity walk.

Together, the youngsters and adults at Llanmartin Primary walked a combined 112 miles as part of fundraising campaign.

Llanmartin Primary fundraising walkers with Rosa in the centre

Llanmartin Primary fundraising walkers with Rosa Farley in the centre

The walk was the brainchild of Year 2 pupil Rosa Farley after she heard about the death of inspirational NHS fundraiser Sir Tom earlier this month.


Rosa's mum sent a message to Llanmartin headteacher Victoria Curtis, who said: "After some planning, we asked all our children, staff and governors to join us all in walking one mile on Friday, February 12.

"As a staff we then discussed how we could help and I had a Google Meet meeting with Rosa and her mum and suggested how we could support her to walk the 100 miles.

"She agreed to the suggestion and I introduced the idea to our children on our live assembly the next day and read the story of Captain Sir Tom Moore and the children were excited to take part.

"While they are walking they were asked to take a picture which they then have to send to me with the statement ‘I walked a mile’."

The school were hoping for a 100-mile total to match that of Captain Tom.

However, they passed their target, reaching 112 miles and raising £800 in the process, with all of this going to NHS Charities Together - the same organisation Sir Tom raised more than £32 million for in less than one year.

Captain Sir Tom Moore. Picture: PA

Captain Sir Tom Moore. Picture: PA

The school were also supported by a £100 donation from Bishton Community Council.

The fundraiser will be open to donations until February 22.

To add your support, visit facebook.com/donate/495738291827487

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