A STALKER who harassed his former partner and her boyfriend has been jailed.

Daniel Cameron, 41, of St Arvans Road, Cwmbran, sent a number of threatening and emotionally manipulative messages to his former partner, bombarding her with “120 texts and phone calls in one day”, and placed a tracker on her boyfriend’s car.

Cardiff Crown Court heard how Cameron and the victim had broken up 18 months prior to the incidents, but had remained in contact, and he had messaged her on social media asking if she was seeing anyone and accusing her of cheating on him while they had been together.


Harry Baker, for the prosecution, told the court how, on September 8 last year, he had sent her a message saying: "I hope you’re happy, I was in hospital overnight on intravenous because of an overdose."

The following day, the victim asked him not to contact her again.

Afterwards, said Mr Baker, Cameron attacked her car, and he later left a voicemail saying: “I’ll smash your car up and I’ll smash your mother’s car up.”

On October 23, the victim went to meet her boyfriend at Friars Walk. When she got there, Cameron attacked her car asking where [her partner] was, Mr Baker said.

On October 31, the victim’s partner found his car had been damaged and when it was being repaired, a tracker was found.

In a victim impact statement read out in court, he said after finding the tracker on his car, he was “very distressed that someone put a tracker on his vehicle and wondered what else [Cameron] would be capable of.”

A week later, on November 6, the victim’s partner found all four tyres on his car had been slashed and its windows smashed.

That day, Cameron sent two messages to his former partner, said Mr Baker. In one he said: “You know if I don’t end my own life, I’ll kill him.”

He was arrested on November 7 just after midnight, and was found with cocaine on him.

Cameron’s mother had reported him missing to the police, and officers were given a key to his storage unit in Cwmbran. Although he wasn't at the unit, they found 17 baby cannabis plants and three mature plants.

Cameron admitted the harassment offences, as well as criminal damage. He also pleaded guilty to the production of cannabis and possession of cocaine.

In mitigation, Hilary Roberts said Cameron “accepted that his behaviour was wrong.”

“His perception of events is coloured as for much of last year he suffered with mental health problems,” said Mr Roberts. “When he was arrested, it was recognised he needed to be taken to hospital first before he was dealt with by the police.”

Mr Roberts said the defendant’s demeanour was “much improved” since he had been in custody and had been prescribed medication.

“He wants to move on," he said. "He is not contesting the restraining order. He is not disputing what happened. He wants to move on.”

Cameron has previously been jailed in 2006 for harassment and criminal damage offences against an ex-partner following the end of their relationship.

Addressing the defendant, Judge Tracey Lloyd-Clarke said: “You were not able to accept the end of the relationship or that she was free to live her life.

“You used emotional blackmail such as threatening to self-harm or threats of suicide.

“It took place over a prolonged period of time.”

Cameron was sentenced to 31 weeks in prison, and must pay a statutory surcharge.

A decision on a restraining order, compensation to one of the victims, and the forfeiture and destruction of the drugs and equipment was adjourned until next week.