A NEWPORT man who threatened to “put a round” in a dog handler and her dog during a 12-hour stand-off with police has been jailed for nine months.

Carl Wall, 38, was visiting his mother’s sheltered accommodation in Duffryn, Newport, when he began shouting at a worker who was there checking up on her.

After and argument, during which shouting was heard, the worker called the police shortly after 10am, when Wall decided to barricade himself inside the flat, the court heard.

Firearms officers were called to the stand-off.

Prosecuting, Nuhu Gobir said: “A police dog handler and her dog also attended, and they were positioned in a garden to the rear of the flat.

“The defendant started shouting that she was laughing at him. He said the dog was giving him panic attacks and demanded they leave the garden. Firearms officers told her to hold position.

“The defendant then shouted, ‘I am going to put a round in you and your dog’. He reached behind him and picked something up.

“He pointed a silver handgun at the officer, who moved out of the line of sight and informed firearms officers.”

The stand-off continued until 10.30pm when police eventually entered the flat and arrested Wall. They found three imitation firearms which were identified by police officers as lighters.

Wall, of Corporation Road, admitted threatening the officer with the imitation gun, and appeared for sentencing at Cardiff Crown Court today.


Mitigating, Gareth Williams said: “The stand-off lasted quite some time before it eventually came to an end and you can see that the defendant was probably not in a very good state of mind.

“His mental health was in a precarious position at the time and he was having panic attacks quite regularly.

“He has decided to try his best to stop being a drug addict after being one for 25 years.”

Sentencing Wall, Judge David Wyn Morgan said: “The court understands that this was a lighter, but the court has seen an image of the weapon you produced and the distance away the victim was means it is impossible for her to know it was not a real gun.

“You compounded the offence not by just aiming it at her but telling her you were going to shoot her and shoot her dog.”

He was handed a nine-month prison sentence for the offence.