A MAN who attacked his girlfriend and then persuaded her to retract her statement to police in a way to “cheat his way out of prosecution” has been jailed.

Christopher Stock, 29, elbowed and punched his girlfriend in the face outside his mother’s house in Newport, before continuing the attack inside. While in prison, he persuaded her to withdraw her statement after a series of phone conversations with his mother, the victim’s sister, and the victim herself.

On August 13 last year, Stock - whose address was given as Cardiff Prison - and his partner got into an argument about online banking as they arrived at the address.

Stock grabbed his partner’s bag out of her hands and “hit her in the face with his elbow,” said William Bebb, prosecuting.


“He then punched with a closed fist to the left side of her head, causing her to fall to the ground.”

This caused Stock’s mother to come outside, who brought them both indoors. The pair were facing away from each other indoors, said Mr Bebb, with the victim facing the stairs. Stock then “pushed the victim against the stairs. Her body twisted. This caused an injury to her wrist.”

Stock then began strangling her, Mr Bebb said, and while strangling her, Stock said: “I’m going to kill you you stupid bitch.”

Police arrived at the home after a neighbour had called 999, but Stock had already fled.

The victim was taken to hospital with a suspected broken wrist, although did not attend any follow-up appointments, Mr Bebb said, so this was not able to be confirmed.

The prosecution told Cardiff Crown Court the victim suffered bruising to her neck, cuts and scratches to her chin and arm, as well as the suspected broken wrist.

Stock was arrested on August 30, and initially denied the offence. He admitted both offences on Monday, February 15, ahead of appearing in court on Thursday.

While in custody, Stock made a number of phone calls on September 14, said Mr Bebb, to his mother, the victim’s sister, and also to the victim.

In a call with the victim and her sister, Stock said: “Listen, do that for me yeah. I’ll sort you out now. Go and do it yeah.”

Stock then said about getting something dropped the victim’s house while discussing her upcoming birthday, Mr Bebb said.

Following these calls, the defendant went to the police station asking to see the officer assigned to her case. The officer was not in, and the victim returned on September 18 to retract her statement.

“The defendant influenced the victim by offering her money in return for her withdrawing her support for the prosecution,” said Mr Bebb.

Stock has nine previous convictions, the most recent of which – from February 2019 – was for battery against his partner at the time.

“This is a situation that blew up out of nothing,” said Marian Lewis, defending.

“They had an argument and there was a bit of pushing and shoving from both. It led to injuries that are minor.

“He is a person with learning disabilities which were diagnosed when he was a child.

“He was diagnosed with not only having a low IQ but also other significant difficulties.

“He can’t shop. He can’t deal with money. He can’t cook. He is dependent on his mother.”

Ms Lewis said the defendant had been bullied throughout his life leading to him falling in with “the wrong crowd” as he “wanted to be popular.”

Addressing Stock, Judge Timothy Brennan said: “You still engaged in a careful attempt to cheat your way out of prosecution.”

He sentenced Stock to 22 months in prison, where he will be released on licence after serving half his sentence.

Stock must also pay a victim surcharge.

“I would have willingly made a restraining order to protect her from you,” Judge Brennan added. “[The victim] rejects this and there’s nothing more the court can do.”