The default speed limits proposed in two areas of Gwent or anywhere else for that matter are not very logical. 
They might be good for a political sound-bite but not much else.
The 30mph (50kph) general speed limit for built-up areas was introduced sometime between the two world wars. As cars and light vehicles became faster it became apparent over a period of time that 30mph was a speed that enabled motorists to cross towns and cities in a reasonable time with little hindrance, and with the added bonus that pedestrians were less likely to jump out in front of them.
However, just to make sure, several countries in Europe and the Americas brought in laws to prosecute pedestrians who crossed a road at the wrong time and in the wrong place; which, of course, in this country rarely happens (prosecution that is).
So, I suggest that instead of focusing on speed limits (heaven knows we have enough of them) start concentrating on those “jaywalkers” who can’t be bothered to look where they are going.
A Greenhalgh


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