TODAY marked a significant step in the easing of restrictions in Wales, with some children returning to school.

Children aged three to seven were welcomed back into their schools today, following weeks of learning from home.

Parents outside Clytha Primary School - who followed social distancing guidelines and wore masks - had mixed feelings about their children's return to school.

Jessica Dermott, whose son James attends the school, said: "I couldn't be happier for the children to be back.

"My son was so excited and had the biggest smile on his face.

"My only annoyance is that teachers aren't being offered the vaccine yet - it makes absolutely no sense.”

Another woman, Anu, was picking up her son Ed and said: “I have mixed feelings.

"It’s great that Ed is back in school, but I feel like cases are still kind of high.

"He wasn't happy about going back - I think he’s just got used to being at home."

Ceirun Williams was also outside Clytha Primary School, picking up his daughter Erin.

Mr Williams said: "Erin is back in school, but her older siblings [Ewan and Eira] aren’t back yet which is a bit of a pain.

"I’m glad they’re having full days in school, rather than half days. I’ve just got to get used to getting up early in the morning again."

Richard Harris was also by the school to pick up his daughter Ruby.

Mr Harris said: "I’m glad she’s going to be back into a routine – she was really excited to see her friends.

"Hopefully she’s had a great first day back.”

The Welsh Government has said older children may return to school next month if coronavirus case rates continue to fall, and earlier today education minister Kirsty Williams said she hopes all children could be back in school by the end of the Easter Holidays in April.