PLAID Cymru has named its candidate for Newport East in the upcoming Senedd elections.

Daniel Llewellyn will represent Plaid Cymru at the elections in May.

He said: "I have never seen any benefits for Newport being a simple dormitory town for Bristol or Cardiff.

"I have never bought into the Severnside agenda, no matter how many times it’s relaunched.

South Wales Argus: Daniel Llewellyn

"On the coastal belt and in and around Newport and Torfaen, not to mention around Cardiff and Caerphilly, and across Monmouthshire the last thirty years we have seen a significant if not spectacular growth in the amount of housing, a significant percentage of which has never been aimed to fulfil local housing needs.

Mr Llewellyn has been a community councillor in Bedwas since 2019.

He said: "I have seen first-hand how our communities have been left behind by both Cardiff and Westminster. I want to be that change that we all need.

"I want to take that chance to make a difference people life's and I will bring to Newport East my passion, my drive and my commitment to make things better.”


Plaid Cymru leader Adam Price said: "We have a superb candidate in Daniel Llewellyn, in Newport East, who is committed in changing the lives of the people of the constituency for the better – getting to grips with the housing crisis, creating well paid jobs to tackle the unemployment crisis and putting the needs of people of Newport front and centre."

Delyth Jewell, Plaid Cymru candidate on the South Wales East regional list, said: "As a councillor and community champion, Daniel has proven himself to be a determined advocate for the people he represents.

"He is unafraid of speaking truth to power, and he would show the same determination as a Member of the Senedd.

"I hope the people of Newport will show him their support to be their representative in our parliament, where I know he would always fight for the community."