WOULD you carry a vaccine passport?

Last week, Professor Jonathan Van-Tam said the UK Government was looking at the issue of vaccine passports - which would state whether or not the holder has been vaccinated against Covid-19 - adding there were "plausible arguments for and plausible arguments against."

England's deputy chief medical officer told ITV’s Good Morning Britain it is not appropriate for him to give his personal views, but the Government has to balance really difficult decisions, adding that we have “never lived in a society here, where we force medical treatments upon people”.

We asked our readers if they would be willing to hold a vaccine passport.

The majority of the 1,045 responses we received said they would.

Among them were Jason Morgan and Vicky Burke, who pointed to other examples of vaccine passports already in use.

Ms Burke said: "Yes, as I did when I went to Kenya and the yellow fever vaccination was compulsory for entry into the country."

Mr Morgan added: "Yes. Although an electronic version would be my preference. Back in the day we used to carry vaccination cards when travelling."

Others also argued it was the best way to get life back to how it was.

Jackie Pouch said: "Absolutely. Why wouldn't you if it helps to bring a bit of normality to life?"

And Gareth Lewis added: "Yes, people go on about holidays, but you might find you need them to go into sports venues, nightclubs, concerts, etc."

Some backed the idea of vaccine passports but added some caveats.

Darryl White, for example, said: "Yes, of course. However, if this system is in place, it should only start once all adults have had the opportunity for a vaccine jab.

"Otherwise, those not able to have the jab until their age category is available would be disadvantaged and the whole approach would be unfair."


That idea of unfairness among age groups also lead some to speak against the idea of vaccine passports.

Emma Louise said: "No, because while there are no clear plans on when vaccination will be offered to everybody it creates a two-tier system based on age (in the main).

"It would be massively discriminatory for younger people who will be the last to be vaccinated."

Also speaking against the idea of vaccine passports, Paul Cottrell said: "No, there are both legal and ethical implications, as well as the fact that nobody knows how long this vaccine is effective, two months, six months, who knows.

"Then governments will make us pay for one and it will have to be secure from fraud and an internationally recognised document."

Robert Slade added: "Absolutely not, I'll have the vaccine but having to produce proof to access certain areas of life is another level of segregation."

Would you be willing to carry a vaccine passport? Let us know below.