Since early on in the Covid pandemic, the rainbow became a symbol of support for those wanting to show their solidarity with the NHS.

As the rainbow is also used as a symbol by the LGBTG+ it caused some confusion.

As we are now entering a new phase in the pandemic with vaccines offering us hope for the future, I think that it is time to get do away with the rainbow symbol and replace it with butterflies.

Many view the butterfly as representing endurance, change, hope, and life so what better symbol to replace the rainbow than this beautiful creature?

I am sure that children and adults alike would enjoy making their own butterflies to display and, with spring, on the horizon, we will hopefully see butterflies in our gardens and elsewhere.

Unfortunately, butterflies are in decline so perhaps we could all do our bit to save these beautiful creatures by filling our gardens and other growing areas with butterfly-friendly plants and flowers.

I love butterflies and look forward to seeing many over the coming weeks whether they be manmade or nature-made and would like to thank in advance all who support me on this.

Lindsey Hayes