AN EBBW Vale artist has created a new piece of art to commemorate a ban on smoking in hospital grounds, which came into force in Wales today.

Nathan Wyburn spent the past couple of weeks collecting cigarette butts in preparation for the piece which was compiled of the ends, 100 daffodils and soil.

Speaking to the South Wales Argus about the piece – done in collaboration with the Welsh Government and released on St David’s Day – he said: “It’s something I’m passionate about, especially in the current climate with the pandemic.

“The smoking ban has already been in place, but it is tighter now around hospitals and schools which is a good thing. I regularly drive past the hospital when taking my housemate to work and always see people smoking.

South Wales Argus: Nathan Wyburn's art celebrating the new smoking ban

Nathan Wyburn's art celebrating the new smoking ban


“I have younger sisters too so the ban on smoking outside the school gates is beneficial as it means children won’t be walking past and breathing in second-hand smoke.”

On the creation of the piece, Mr Wyburn said: “I’ve been collecting the butts when on daily walks while wearing gloves, its gross but I’ll suffer for my art.

“I used a bouquet of 100 daffodils, which was a shame as they looked so pretty in my kitchen.

“I wanted to show how beautiful nature is, and of course today is St David’s Day, to offset the smoking.”