HOW do you feel about the new 50mph speed limit which will go live on the M4 around Newport later this month?

The new restrictions, enforced by average speed cameras between junction 24 for Coldra and junction 28 for Tredegar Park, will go live on March 15.

The change is intended to:

  • Help manage congestion issues along this stretch of the M4;
  • Improve journey times and provide smoother traffic flows;
  • Reduce the risk of accidents;
  • Improve air quality by reducing emission levels.

Mark Travis, assistant chief constable of South Wales Police said the limit was needed due to a number of collisions on the stretch of road.

He added: “I welcome the introduction of a permanent reduced limit and corresponding Average Speed Camera scheme to ensure compliance on this section of the M4 and to reduce death on Welsh roads.

"The Welsh Government and four Welsh police forces are committed to working in partnership to maximise the amount of safe and efficient journeys our residents and visitors make on our roads.

"Safe roads are vital to the wellbeing of our communities, in particular young people, it is right that we make our communities as safe as they can be.”

We asked our readers if they think the lower limits will help achieve the aims of the scheme.

The response, from more than 300 people, was overwhelmingly negative.

Readers questioned the logic of lowering the limit, saying it would create more congestion and more accidents.

Mike Mep said: "It is going to cause accidents. We are going to be in lanes with 28-tonne trucks up the backside and frustrated drivers all around you.

"It is an accident waiting to happen."

Simon Beesley added: "Utter waste of money. Once lockdown has gone that stretch will be worse than ever.

"Going up the hill at 50 with lorries and vans clearly not doing 50 is dangerous and causes more issues than it solves."


Others agreed that the changes would have little impact on traffic.

Ian Syme said: "I use this stretch every day and the only time there is traffic is peak times so why slow everything down at any other time on which is a comparatively safe piece of road."

And Paul Luckman added: "For some strange reason people seem to slow down once inside the tunnel. This causes an accordion effect and during peak traffic times, causes the congestion."

There were some who supported the introduction of the 50mph limit, but they were heavily outnumbered.

Stephen Edmunds, for example, said: "Good idea. Hopefully it will save lives and control travel through Newport. Give it a go, lets see what happens."

While Martinus Maximus added: "Yes it will help. The only way it will fail is if people drive without due care and attention."

What do you think? Do you think the lower limit will be a success? Let us know below.