POLICE are investigating an incident in which a laser was shone at a Wales Air Ambulance helicopter, causing 'injuries' to a crew member.

The aircraft was flying over Heath, Roath Park and Roath Recreation Ground at approximately 9.30pm, on Sunday, February 28, when a laser was pointed at it from the ground.

As a result, an on-board critical care practitioner suffered blurred vision and a migraine, and had to go off-duty.


"We are appealing for information on the person responsible," said a spokesperson.

"Recklessly shining a laser at an aircraft or another moving vehicle is deeply irresponsible and dangerous.

"Lasers can dazzle, distract or blind those in control of an aircraft.

"By causing a distraction or, in some cases, short or long-term eye damage, laser attacks can lead to catastrophic incidents.

"We take these types of incidents extremely seriously and will prosecute anyone carrying out this offence."

Penalties for the offence is a maximum five-year prison sentence, an unlimited fine or both.

Anyone with information should contact South Wales Police, or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111 quoting ref *071640.