AN ADULT novelties store planned for Brecon Road in Abergavenny has an April target date after the council gave the green light following confusion over a need for a licence.

Taxi driver Shane Lewis is now well under way in his preparations to open the store this spring, which is already developing a presence online under the banner ‘Lavish Love’.

When it does come to 1 Brecon Road, Mr Lewis has told the council it will predominantly be a women’s underwear store, which would not require a licence.

Mr Lewis was originally informed by the council he would require a sex shop licence to open his store, and during that process the council says the plans received "a number of complaints", including from the town council and the local MP.

Mr Lewis says he will sell a small selection of adult toys, operating a similar model to national retailer Ann Summers.

South Wales Argus: Brecon Road in Abergavenny, where the store will be locatedBrecon Road in Abergavenny, where the store will be located

It has been a difficult couple of months for Mr Lewis and his family, who have received abuse online over their plans – but he insists those criticising him have jumped to conclusions.

“We have had meetings with the council who have agreed if we sell a small amount of adult products in store, and are predominantly an underwear shop, then that’s fine,” he explained.

“I think people thought we were doing something naughty, and that was never the case.

“The abuse we’ve received has been very upsetting for me and my family – I’ve been called everything under the sun.

“We are going to be a proper women’s underwear shop, which the town hasn’t had since Moira’s. And it’s going to be good quality lingerie – not just sexy.”

South Wales Argus: Shane Lewis

Mr Lewis is popular in Abergavenny for being a particularly community-minded man, and recently received a Community Heroes Award from the Gateway Church for his work delivering meals and shopping for the vulnerable.


“I am committed to this town and helping it develop, and after all that I feel harshly treated with some of the words I saw people using to describe me,” he said. “People have short memories.

“I’ve had members of the public come up to me and ask if it’s going to be a brothel, it’s unbelievable.

“We care about this town, I’ve run a business here successfully for a long time which is now not doing so well due to the impact of the pandemic. I must try and continue to financially survive.

South Wales Argus: The store was formally Abergavenny Model CentreThe store was formally Abergavenny Model Centre

“Generally, we’ve been pleased with the response, and we’ve had lots of lovely comments too which we won’t forget.”

Mr Lewis is balancing his work with the taxis with painting the shop, and the carpet fitters were in on Wednesday with preparations now picking up speed.

“It’s exciting,” he added. “I’m the type of person that if someone tells me something is going to be difficult, or maybe not so popular at the start, I’m not fazed by that.

“I really believe this is a great thing for this town, and I’m committed to giving it my all. We’ve had far too many shops here come and go, and I believe I’m bringing something which can last.”

A spokeswoman for Monmouthshire County Council said: “Mr Lewis has chosen to withdraw his application, informing the Licensing Section he will no longer require a licence as he intends to operate a lingerie, fancy dress and gifts, retail business.

“The Licensing Section will inspect the new business before opening to consider a variety of aspects to ensure the premise are trading correctly as a retail premises or if the business are trading unlawfully without a required sex shop licence.

“The legislation provides that a business with a significant degree of selling, hiring, exchanging, lending, displaying or demonstrating sex articles requires a sex shop licence.

“The Licensing Section have not agreed a percentage of items to be sold, it is unable to do so.

“There are many aspects of the business for Authorised Officers to consider as required in the legislation including the ratio, sales, displays, character, turnover and other factors.

“The Public Protection team received a number of complaints against the original application for a sex shop licence, therefore we will continue to monitor such businesses to ensure they are trading correctly.”