GWENT is responsible for half of Wales' coronavirus hospital admissions in the last seven days.

The number of coronavirus patients in hospital across the Aneurin Bevan University Health Board area is continuing to fall, however admissions compared to the rest of Wales remain high.

Over the last seven days, an average of 109 people with suspected or confirmed coronavirus, or people who are recovering from the virus, have been in hospital in Gwent each day.

That is down from 158 last week, and 279 the week before.

It is, once again, the lowest weekly average seen in Gwent since September 28, when the average was 88.

However, the number of new admissions to hospital for coronavirus remains the highest in Wales.

During the last week, Gwent has been responsible for 50 per cent of admissions to hospital with coronavirus across the country.

An average of 22 new coronavirus patients entered Gwent hospitals each day last week, out of 44 across the country.


This chart shows how the number of people hospitalised with coronavirus in Gwent has changed since the start of the second wave in September

Nationally, the numbers in Wales have continued to fall.


In the past seven days the average number of coronavirus patients in Welsh hospitals is 1,231, down from 1,518, the lowest figure since November 2.

While on average, 44 patients have been admitted to hospital in Wales due to coronavirus each day over the last seven days, down from 56 last week.


This chart shows how the number of people hospitalised with coronavirus in Wales has changed since the start of the second wave in September

There is a possibility of some lockdown restrictions being eased today at the Welsh Government's three weekly review.

First minister Mark Drakeford will announce any changes at their coronavirus briefing.

He was asked earlier in the week to confirm if the removal of the 'stay at home' restrictions could be among the changes.

He said: "You will have to wait until Friday - that is when the three-week cycle ends.

"The cabinet will continue to discuss the package of measures we will be able to impose then during the remainder of this week.

"It is right to say that at the end of the last three-week review I said that I hoped this will be the last three weeks in which we have to ask people in Wales to stay at home, and that we would be able to move beyond that.

"And I said then that we would continue to make the return to education as quickly and safely as possible.

"And that alongside that, we would look to find ways to allow people to do more in their personal lives and begin the reopening of more aspects of the Welsh economy.

"That continues to be the list of issues that we discuss and I am looking forward to being able to make announcements on that on Friday."