AHEAD of the RuPaul’s Drag Race UK final this evening, we are taking a look back at our Newport queen's most memorable moments on the series. 

As the second series of Drag Race UK comes to an end today, we know one thing for sure: our Welsh drag queen Tayce has stolen our hearts.

The format of the show is simple - a line-up of drag queens compete in a series of challenges, from fashion to comedy, music to choreography. After serving looks on the runway, legendary Queen Ru Paul chooses that week’s winner along with the two bottom-ranked queens. 

The pair compete against one another in a lip sync battle before one is told “shantay, you stay” and the eliminated queen told to “sashay, away” until the next superstar is crowned. 

And now, 26-year-old Tayce has made it all the way to the final four. Here's a look at some of her best moments:

Bing Bang Bong

While the country was celebrating Valentine's Day, the cast of season two of the BBC Three show were asking 'UK Hun?' as their single hit number four in the Official Big Top 40, as well number one in the iTunes chart.

Tayce, and teammates Bimini Bom-Boulash, A'Whora and Lawrence Chaney managed to create, arguably, the catchiest song of the year as part of their Eurovision-style song challenge.

The cheek, the nerve...

From the moment Tayce uttered the words “the cheek, the nerve, the gall, the audacity and the gumption”, we were gifted with the perfect phrase to sum up living through 2021, and has become now a meme sensation. 

The Newport queen uttered the words in response to Lawrence Chaney’s suggestion that there was sexual chemistry between her and fellow queen A’Whora. 

What else has the cheek, nerve, gall, audacity and gumption? Not crowning Tayce the winner of season two of RuPaul’s Drag Race UK

The Brillo pad fiasco 

Tayce was rocked by a medical emergency during episode eight, when she cut her hand on the harsh Brillo pad material she was using for her lockdown 'supershero' runway look. She opted to work with wire wool for this challenge, however, disaster soon struck when she slashed her hand open.

A medical expert was on-hand and quickly came to clear up Tayce’s cut. 

Snatch Game 

The Snatch Game is one of the most anticipated and memorable challenges of RuPaul's Drag Race.

And Tayce owned it this series, with a spot on impersonation of Jane Turner's famous Kath & Kim character Kath Day-Knight - Australian accent and all!

Beans on Toast 

For the comedy show “Make ‘Em Gag,” Tayce made sure everyone knew their love for beans on toast by incorporating it into their sketch. 

She explained perfectly to judge Michelle Visage why ketchup was the best condiment to accompany baked beans. 

Lip sync assassin

Typically, queens are really only allowed three lip syncs for your life. However, in the semi-final, Tayce made herstory and is now the only queen in Drag Race UK to survive four lip syncs for her life in one season. She is truly our lip sync assassin! 

Also, there's no forgetting her unforgettable lip sync to Memory from Cats during musicals week which left everyone gagged. 

On this evening's episode, the four final queens will compete in "the most dragtastic performance of their life," likely writing, singing, and performing personalised verses of a RuPaul track.