A NEW website has opened for lovers of the budget high street retailer Primark.

The high street giant has remained closed since January with no online retail branch, meaning customers have been unable to shop for their budget essentials. 

Shoppers have been hoping for an online store for years, to no avail.

However, fans of Primark can now count down the moments until they get their next shopping fix with the new website imissprimark.com


The website - which appears not to be affiliated with the high street retailer - has a countdown feature letting Primark shoppers know the days and minutes until shops reopen once more.

Primark fans can now buy and indulge in the fragrance of cotton fresh Primark clothes with a new freshener which promises customers the scent of Primark stores.

South Wales Argus:

Picture: Jacob King/PA

Imissprimark.com is selling £1.99 car and home fresheners in the shape of Primark's famous black t-shirts to help shopaholics feel connected to their favourite store.

The shop sells a range of air fresheners on their site but the iconic Primark t-shirt is a nod to the high street giant and is reportedly being marketed as a bid to get Primark to open an online shop.