GWENT Police is using an innovative 'We Don’t Buy Crime’ approach to protecting their communities across the region from burglary, theft and robbery.

They are the first Welsh force to take on the approach, which involves a team of dedicated people supporting residents, businesses and local officers. They will be using tried-and-tested methods to make it harder for criminals to get away with this behaviour and to stop them benefitting from crime.

They will be using a combination of community-led intelligence, undercover approaches and practical techniques, including property marking, to identify those involved, convict them and return belongings.

Gwent Police chief superintendent Tom Harding said: “We want to work with our communities to challenge those who think that it is acceptable to commit crimes here in Gwent.

“We will work with partners and businesses to identify those who cause the most harm across our communities and deal with them robustly, in a way which is effective and innovative.

“The department will use evidence-led strategies and tactics which are proven to be successful in combatting and reducing these types of crime.

“It is great to see that Gwent Police is leading the way by rolling out the first ‘We Don’t Buy Crime’ approach by a Welsh force.”


The department is funded and supported by the office of the police and crime commissioner for Gwent.

Police and crime commissioner Jeff Cuthbert said: “Crime prevention is the number one priority in my police and crime plan.

“The ‘We Don’t Buy Crime’ approach is a tried and tested model that has already proved to be successful in reducing crime in neighbouring forces and I am delighted that we are taking the lead in Wales by introducing it here in Gwent.

“The new team will work with in partnership with residents and businesses to address vulnerabilities and tackle hotspot areas, and I have no doubt that, by the police and communities working together, we will create a safer Gwent for all.”