A CHEPSTOW man, recovering from Covid-19, has noticed changes to his taste and smell with many foods tasting repulsive.

As well as foods tasting different, smells have also changed, with normally pleasant scents smelling of "chemicals".

The condition, known as parosmia, is still growing in people recovering from coronavirus, but the reason for it and the how to cure it is unknown.

Sam Austin tested positive for the coronavirus in December.

He had a mild cough and felt tired, but otherwise felt generally okay throughout his isolation period.

However, he lost his sense of taste and smell, though it began to return soon after.

Mr Austin, 26, explained: "Throughout January and February I did notice some improvements in my taste and it was a relief to be able to enjoy foods that I thought I'd maybe never be able to taste again.

"Unfortunately last week that all changed again when I noticed my morning coffee tasted off.

"I just assumed it was too bitter and brushed it off.

"However, it didn't go away and over a few days almost everything I eat tastes rancid, metallic and or burnt.

"I smell it everywhere I go as well, air fresheners, laundry detergent, deodorant and shower gels all smell like chemicals."

Now he is hoping to raise awareness of the condition.


Mr Austin added: "We did some research and I discovered that thousands of people across the world are having the same exact experience weeks and months after having contracted the virus.

"There is no proper treatment and no cure, it is just a waiting game.

"I wanted to try and raise some awareness because it was something that has completely knocked me."

If you are suffering with parosmia, AbScent, a UK registered charity supporting people who are experiencing the distressing effects of smell loss, give the following advice.

Their tips include:

  • Eat room-temperature or cool foods
  • Avoid fried foods, roasted meats, onions, garlic, eggs, coffee and chocolate, which are some of the worst foods for parosmics
  • Try bland foods like rice, noodles, untoasted bread, steamed vegetables and plain yoghurt
  • If you can't keep food down, consider unflavoured protein shakes