TORFAEN Council has launched a public consultation to capture residents' views on what the future of Greenmeadow Community Farm should look like.

The team at Greenmeadow Community Farm have been working with external consultants, to find viable solutions to ensure the farm can remain a thriving attraction for families and schools.

They now wish to engage with residents to find out what the community wants and possible areas for investment.


Farm manager, Sally Partridge, said: “Feedback from the community is key to the long-term plans for the farm and will help ensure its sustainability for future generations.

"It will also support our future funding applications.

"The farm has been in a precarious financial position for many years and relies heavily on council subsidy and admission fees.

“Given national pressures on priority council services, we can no longer rely on subsidy and we need to become financially self-sufficient.

"This might mean introducing new things, doing things differently or even stopping some things altogether.”

By responding to the survey, you can play your role in helping the farm find ways of delivering what you want in order to keep it vibrant and exciting.

Ms Partridge added: "We would love to hear from as many people as possible, to glean your thoughts and ideas which will form valuable input into this research.

"There is no doubt what an incredible asset the farm is, not only to the community but also to visitors from far and wide, but we need to attract new visitors and new income to make the farm self-sustaining.”