AN INTENSIVE care consultant at the Aneurin Bevan University Health Board says he has been abused for advising people to wear a mask to protect against Covid-19.

Dr David Hepburn, based at the Grange University Hospital near Cwmbran, has become a prominent figure in Wales’ battle to shut down Covid-deniers since the beginning of the pandemic.

And on Monday, Dr Hepburn, who has suffered with Covid himself, posted on social media to condemn those behind the #TakeOffYourMask campaign on Twitter.

The hashtag appears to have been started by accounts dedicated to opposing coronavirus measures, with tweets such as the one below.

Responding to the hashtag, Dr Hepburn wrote: “Take off your mask if you’re an entitled, selfish moron.

“The reason Covid rates are falling in the UK is that we have scienced the s*** out of the virus with the vaccine and public health measures.


“If you’d watched anyone die like I have you’d give this bull**** a rest you tools.

South Wales Argus:

“I really wish I could [take off the mask]. But unfortunately we’re not out of the woods, and we won’t be, if you continue to take off your mark, you muppets.”

The consultant then said he’d received a barrage of insults for his thoughts on the campaign.

“Wow, I’ve really triggered the anti-mask crew tonight,” he said. “What the hell else do they think someone in my position would say? ‘Oh yes – masks are an oppressive muzzle of the new world order! Cast them off and be free my brothers and sisters! Dislike the tyranny!’?

“So; I’m a dips***, a twonk, a tosser, a t***, and a p***. Keep them coming. I really couldn’t give a flying ****. All were used up a long long time ago.

“Last ones were used up telling five families in a day that their loved ones are going to die.

“After that – it’s all just numb.”