THIS week Wales has taken a few more steps out of lockdown and today further possible easements to the restrictions have been outlined by the first minister.

Mark Drakeford was speaking today at the Welsh Government's coronavirus update briefing.

He said that recent easing has been possible "due to the hard work of people across Wales".

The first minister said the next three-week review cycle would look into opening travel between Wales and the rest of the UK.


He said that outdoor pilot events - up to 1,000 people - would also be trialled in order to see if there was any adverse effect in terms of virus spread.

All shops could be reopened and close contact services may open again - both of these would also be studied in the next three-week review.

Looking further ahead, towards the end of April and the start of May, restrictions could be eased even more.

Monday, May 10 could see gyms and leisure centres could reopen according to Mr Drakeford.

These would be the first indoor activity centres in Wales to do so the first minister said.

"If I am doing my job after the election, children's indoor activity, indoor community centres and indoor activities for adults could resume," he said.

Beyond that, he said that the picture for hospitality was further off being decided with any certainty.

It will be looked at approaching the summer according to the first minister.

"The indicative dates are there to help businesses continue to plan," he said, thanking them for their patience.

"I have tried to be as definite as I can during this Senedd term," he said.

"That casts us six weeks forward, I've given indicative dates to the end of May.

"I don't think it's sensible to cast further forward than that.

"As the dates move on we will do as we have done now.

"We will continue to look at the basket of indicators we have used."