THE VALE of Glamorgan Council has fired a warning at visitors to the region’s seaside resorts after thousands descended over the weekend.

After coronavirus lockdown travel restrictions were lifted on Saturday, visitors piled into Penarth and Barry, leaving the latter in a particular state.

Cardiff Bay was also badly affected by people who couldn’t be bothered to take their litter home with them, or find a bin.

And the Vale council has warned it will take action if litterers are caught in the act – warning “do not visit if you cannot behave”.

“The council has received numerous reports of anti-social behaviour relating to littering and excessive alcohol consumption, and that people gathered in large numbers, breaking social distancing rules,” a statement read on Thursday.

“Joint Enforcement Teams, made up of police and council enforcement officers will be out in force this weekend and have the power to issue financial penalties and take other action in response to such offences.

“The position of both organisations is clear - anti-social behaviour will not be tolerated at Vale of Glamorgan resorts.”


Cllr Neil Moore, leader of the Vale of Glamorgan Council, said: “The last year has been tough on everyone. We have needed to stay inside for long periods, so I fully understand people’s desire to visit our coastal locations now that restrictions are starting to ease.

“What’s more, we are delighted to welcome them – but only if they can behave in a considerate manner, showing respect for the resorts, residents and other visitors.

“If that’s not possible, if you are intent on drinking too much, littering, or engaging in any other form of anti-social behaviour, my message is simple: stay at home. Don’t come to the Vale because we don’t want you here.”

The council increases its cleansing activities during the summer when greater visitor numbers are expected. Barry Island beach is raked and a litter pick is carried out every morning, while extra litter picking is undertaken on weekends and evenings in all resorts. Staff are also on patrol to dispose of rubbish during the day.

Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan Chief Inspector Tony Williams said: “Throughout the pandemic, we have worked closely with our local authority partners to keep our communities safe and that approach will continue heading into the bank holiday.

“Increased patrols will be carried out in key areas, and we will continue to liaise with the local authority and Welsh Government to consider implementation of measures which further enable us to keep our communities safe.

“We appreciate the past year has been tough on us all, and with the recent relaxation to travel restrictions and improved weather we fully expect some of our beauty spots to busier.

“I would, however, appeal to the public to take a sensible approach and to continue supporting the restrictions that do remain in place, in order to keep us all safe.

“Those breaching the regulations or engaging in ASB and criminality can expect to be subject to enforcement action.”