WITH lockdown slowly easing, we are now allowed to travel to take exercise.

We are lucky in Gwent to have some fantastic places which are really worth exploring.

In the latest in our series of local walks today we visit Wentwood Forest.

There are many routes to enjoy through the forest and up to Gray Hill but we have chosen this 5.5km route for you to enjoy.

Wentwood Forest


This is a rewarding 5.5km (3.3 mile) woodland walk with some steep inclines and declines and uneven paths requiring sturdy footwear.

There are many other paths to explore to lengthen and vary your walk.


Wentwood is Wales' largest ancient woodland which contains Bronze Age burial mounds, a stone circle and a megalithic alignment on Gray Hill.

South Wales Argus: BRIGHT: A lovely winter's day at Wentwood Forest. Picture: Lindsay Williams.

Picture: Lindsay Williams

The Woodland Trust acquired 870 acres of Wentwood in 2006.

Start in Cadira Beeches car park

South Wales Argus: Wentwood Forest

A. From the car park entrance, cross over the road and turn right then after about 15 metres turn left up a forestry road. Take care as there may be some traffic on the road.

B. Keep following the main forestry road past waymarket post 64.

South Wales Argus: Atmospheric: A soft and gentle morning in Wentwood Forest captured by Linda Powell, of the South Wales Argus Camera Club.

Picture: Linda Powell, of the South Wales Argus Camera Club

C. Cross over the tarmac road past waymarker post 66. Take the forestry footpath straight ahead (left of a forestry road) in the firection of a signpost (restricted byway).

D. Keep on the past past a building and a mast on the left (there is a trig pillar on your left if you can find it).

E. At the parth junction, waymarker post 83, turn left down a grassy track. Take care as this is very uneven.

F. Where the path meets the forestry road, waymarker post 99, turn right along the forestry road.

South Wales Argus:

Picture: South Wales Argus Camera Club member Catherine Mayo

G. As the road leads steeply downhill, take the forestry track on the left next to the green metal forestry gate.

H. At the path junction, waymarker post 98 (although the post may not be there) turn right and keep on the path as it narrows.

I. Keep straight ahead on the path passing waymarker post 97, a bench and Curley Oak, which is between 400 and 500 years old and is the only surviving veteran tree.

J. Keep straight ahead to waymarker post 86 and turn right uphill.

South Wales Argus: Deep in Wentwood Forest, by Chris Winchester.

Picture: Chris Winchester

K. At the forestry road junction, waymarker post 85, turn right along the forestry road.

L. A waymarker post 99 (also point F) turn left uphill and retrace your steps back to the start (note: turn right at waymarker post 83 - point E).

South Wales Argus:

Picture: South Wales Argus Camera Club member Michaela Howell (also featuring dog Nico)

This walk was shared by Newport City Council. For more details go to: www.newport.gov.uk/en/Leisure-Tourism/Activities/Walking.aspx