A PONTHIR family were celebrating yesterday as they were presented with their new vintage Volkswagen, which they won for donating to Comic Relief.

Nichy and Christian Williams entered the prize draw while watching Comic Relief on Friday, March 19, and ended up winning the 1970 VW Karmonn Ghia.

“We saw that the car was being auctioned,” said Mrs Williams. “If you donated £10 you would be entered into the prize draw for the car.

“I saw it and I just thought: ‘Wow, that is a stunning car.’


“The draw was done live on the Friday night, and I received a phone call to say we’d won.

“It was incredible, so overwhelming.

“The next thing I know I’m talking to Chris Evans on the radio. We talked about what we can do to continue the journey. I loved that idea. I knew from the moment I knew I had it that we were going to do some more fundraising with it.

“The car had raised just over £900,000 on the Friday night with Comic Relief, so he came up with the idea of the Karmillionn – and we loved that idea, and said let’s get it up to one million pounds.

“We need to raise £96,000. It won’t be by myself, we’ve got a few plans. We’ve formed a committee in our village of Ponthir and got quite a bit of the community involved with what we can do to raise this money.”

Nichy, Christian and Ellis Williams see their new vintage car for the first time.

Nichy, Christian and Ellis Williams see their new vintage car for the first time.

Nichy Williams in her new 1970 VW Karmonn Ghia.

Nichy Williams in her new 1970 VW Karmonn Ghia.

The car was delivered from London to Ponthir Sports and Social Club, where Mrs Williams got to have her first drive in the classic vehicle.

“That was incredible,” she said. “I didn’t quite know what it was going to be like in the flesh. You see it on TV, it almost doesn’t seem real until you get to see it.

“When I looked at it, there were mixed emotions going on. One was surprise – to see her in the flesh she looked even more perfect; and excitement, as this is the start of our journey of what we can do to raise some more money; and a little bit of sadness because my father was into customising, restoring and rebuilding classic cars. My dad, Les Gardner, passed away with mesothelioma three years ago this month. He would’ve loved it. I wish I could’ve shared it with him and gone on one last roadtrip.”

The Williams family will be fundraising throughout the year as part of the Karmillionn challenge. You can find out more, or donate, at justgiving.com/fundraising/karmillionn