A NUMBER of fairy art pieces have appeared across Gwent - and have begun to spread around the world.

The little fairies have been created by Newport-based artist Stephanie Roberts, who has placed some in various places around the city. The aim of the fairies is to bring a bit of comfort and safety to places where people may feel unsafe – whether through being victims of attacks or generally feeling uneasy.

Ms Roberts told the Argus: “They are really resonating with people. It feels amazing putting them where they are and seeing how it changes your mindset in a more positive way.”

South Wales Argus: One of Stephanie Roberts' 'abandoned' fairies which you can take and place where you want them

One of Stephanie Roberts' 'abandoned' fairies which you can take and place where you want them

Ms Roberts found creating the 10cm mosaic fairies as a cathartic experience. She has not experienced the physical abuse that some women have, however has had numerous unsettling encounters of harassment by men. Following the death of Sarah Everard in London last month, she felt she had to make something.

It is not the first time she has created these fairies, which she describes as “a little fairy wearing a little dress, full of pride, life and energy, with a sense of skipping through life, carefree young and innocent.”

She felt drawn to the character again and created two new versions which have a different energy about them. They are holding or standing near a daffodil.

“To me, that symbolises remembrance or might be seen as an offering to those women who have lost lives to abuse and violence," she said.

“Or just as yellow’ a symbolic colour that signifies new growth, a new start and a new positivity. As spring shows us every year – time for change.”

The fairies have been placed in various areas where Ms Roberts wants to change the feel of the area and has previously felt some sort of unease or lack of safety. She has also left some hidden in places which she calls ‘abandoned’ fairies, which are able to be taken and placed wherever the ‘finder’ wishes.

South Wales Argus: A fairy ready to be packaged

A fairy ready to be packaged

She has received a positive response from the public, with 43 being sent to individuals across the UK and in America in just over a week.

“I had a donation from a girl in California who wanted one,” said Ms Roberts.

Currently, she is using materials she has at home from her art.

“There is an option to sponsor a fairy or to make a donation to a charity, which I suggested as New Pathways," she said.

“People have also been asking for maps for where the fairies are, but I don’t know how I feel about that because while its nice people want to see the fairies, it feels like giving them a map to the unsafe areas.”


South Wales Argus: A batch of fairies made by Stephanie Roberts

A batch of fairies made by Stephanie Roberts

Writing on her blog, Ms Roberts has said how many men she has spoken to about the project have agreed with the need for women to feel safe while out and about. But others have denied the existence of 'toxic masculinity'.

“Some men I have spoken to, say ‘I don’t know any men to talk to about this, my friends are not abusive men’," she said. "But to me that is missing the point. It’s about having conversations, about what has happening to women and what can they do to help out. What stories can be told of support that worked, as well as what didn't, it's a start? Its doing something, not just sitting doing nothing.”

South Wales Argus: Stephanie Roberts making her fairies

Stephanie Roberts making her fairies

For more information and to get your own fairy, contact Ms Roberts on info@stephanierobertsart.com

Sponsor a Street Fairy for £2.60 at paypal.me/stephanieroberts361

The fairies are made from a combination of found materials and her mosaic practice waste materials, the cost covers additional materials and postage and packaging.