GWENT Police were called to more than 200 extra incidents over the bank holiday weekend after lockdown easing and good weather.

Chief Constable Pam Kelly said that the majority of these incidents were "primarily linked to anti-social behaviour".

Ms Kelly was speaking on BBC Radio Wales earlier this morning, and said that four officers had also been assaulted over Easter.

"It’s not acceptable," she said.

"Of course it’s a policing issue, but it’s also a community issue."

She said that the increase in anti-social behaviour incidents had been “fuelled primarily by alcohol”.


"People in gardens, more than six, drinking heavily and then the fights and domestic incidents happen," she said.

"We’ve also had large numbers of young people congregating in their vehicles. Almost car rallies."

Ms Kelly said that, so far in Gwent, there had not been any scenes on the scale seen in Cardiff Bay recently.

However, she added that Gwent Police had been sending officers to Bristol "in support of colleagues there with the protests and the riots".

Heading into the summer, with lockdown set to ease further, Ms Kelly said she was concerned about the possibility of unlawful music events like raves.

"We really want young people to stop and think about what they’re getting engaged with," she said.

"We understand it’s been tough for everybody – young people and adults alike.

"The message is very clear. We are still in a health pandemic."

She said that if everything opened up all at once, it would be "really tough for policing".

"We cannot be in the position where we have violence and anti-social behaviour on the streets," she said.